About Hocsocx

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention"

HOCSOCX were founded by two sports moms, Debbie, a pharmacist and Judy, a pediatric nurse, out of necessity for their daughters who play field hockey and soccer. They found that by wearing Hocsocx under their shin guards and pads, their daughters did not develop shin guard rash and irritation like many of their teammates. Our specially designed socks added no bulk to the shoe, stayed in place and felt amazing to wear. The girls loved them! Hocsocx were born!

HOCSOCX made their public debut at the USA Field Hockey Festival in Palm Beach Gardens, FL on Thanksgiving Day 2012! They were a big hit! Hocsocx have been official suppliers to the USA Women's National Field Hockey team since 2013 and added the USA Men's National team in 2015.

While the original purpose for Hocsocx was for field hockey (Hoc) and soccer (Soc), they have been well received by other sports such as skating and ice hockey. We offer girl's, women's, boy's and men's sizes.